Psychological addictions

Addictions are pathological behavioral modifications that lead to the relentless pursuit of a substance, a person, or a specific activity (physical exercise, sex, shopping).

Addictions can be physical, biological or psychological, but in either case the person suffering from them gradually loses any form of control over the habit.

Addictions: what a therapist can do

All kinds of addictions (to drugs, activities, specific people or relationships) implicates a significant psychological distress, that usually drives the addicted person away from his/her loved ones, job, passions and hobbies, gradually but steadily destroying dreams and ambitions.

The most frequent mistake is believing that everything is exclusively linked to psychological aspects, while many studies highlight the important roles that family environment, education, and lifestyle play in creating the state of psychological fragility that can lead to addiction. 

In cases like these, seeking support from a psychologist can help increase awareness about the addiction and help find the resources to face the situation.

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