Coping with grief

In psychology, the word grief stands for the strong feeling of sadness and pain after losing a loved one, an important relationship and/or a more or less sudden and radical alteration of significant aspects of one’s life (work, housing, friendships).

Facing the pain of loss with a psychologist

We have all experienced grief. Although time spent coping emotionally with the memories and meanings tied to the loss of our object of affection may vary depending on our own personal attributes, the process generally does not last longer than 12 to 24 months. 

This process, however, can sometimes stop or “freeze”, making accepting the loss impossible to bear. When this happens, the pain and distress that are normally  associated with mourning can take a form, intensity, and duration which appear pathological.

In this case, when the normal reaction to losing someone or something important seems too overwhelming, turning to a therapist can be useful in getting the help we need to voice our pain, and to understand and share it so that we can finally move on with our lives even without who or what we have lost.

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